Aftercare Department



Invest North Macedonia is the primary government institution for attracting new foreign investments in the country and supporting the expansion of the foreign companies with already established operations. Offering services during the initial due diligence of the pre-investment and actual investment phase, our team provides further support to the present investors by its aftercare services.

Professional and timely care, public-private dialog and rendering much more high-quality aftercare services, the Aftercare Department collaborates with government institutions and all relevant business associations in the country, just to ensure appropriate answers to the needs and requests of all foreign investors in North Macedonia.

Local and foreign investors’ satisfaction with a country’s business environment is directly reflected in the growth of the economy, including high value-added productions. All this contributes to improving the competitiveness of the economy. Invest North Macedonia support does not end when the capital expenditure project is complete.  

Investor aftercare comprises a whole range of activities. The most frequent forms of support to investors’ business activities are listed below; however, we seek to tailor our support to the specific needs of each investor. All our services are provided free of charge.


  • Support to expansion, re-investment and the development of research capacities;

  • Assistance in seeking suitable industrial zones and business properties;

  • Seeking suppliers in the relevant region;

  • Providing support in the human resources area;

  • Promoting cooperation between investors and secondary schools, vocational colleges and universities;

  • Providing for negotiations with local authorities, state administration bodies and public institutions;

  • Ensuring that investors’ proposals to amend legislation are submitted to the Macedonian Government, cultivating the Macedonian business environment;

  • Organizing specialized workshops, working breakfasts with top officials, round tables and social events.


Additionally, we provide guidance through the procedure for obtaining temporary residence permit for the purposes of employment, work or self-employment in the Republic of North Macedonia. On our website, under the menu Permit we publish information for assistance to foreign nationals - applicants (owners, co-owners, managers or part of the management of domestic companies with dominant foreign capital) in the process of obtaining/issuance/extension a temporary residence permit.

For more effective export promotion of Macedonian products, intermediate products, services, cooperation and in establishing links of joint ventures between domestic companies, FDI’s in the country and other countries, we have created portal for business cooperation Macedonian suppliers business portal which functionality is based on this philosophy to allow domestic companies to post their offers and foreign companies can make their request for Macedonian production, products and services. Any request is going through the approval process and other alternatives to meet the basic mission of Portal and are not approved.

Macedonian suppliers business portal is one of the essential tools to provide operational communications and information sharing virtually on supply and demand in all industries. With this tool we can help you reduce the time, risk and cost involved in doing business in Macedonia by identifying and contact Macedonian suppliers and also FDI’s requirements.


Macedonian suppliers business portal provide the following options:

  • free registration for national and foreign entities;

  • upon registration a foreign entity is allowed to search for potential suppliers from Macedonia;

  • Macedonian companies have free access to publication of their offers of goods, services, or to present other forms of cooperation with foreign entities;

  • the user has the option to obtain more information on the activities of Aftercare Deparment.


We believe that by working together and building a long-term relation with the present investors and domestic companies we can ensure success of their business operations in the country. By sharing that experience, we promote North Macedonia as a favourable business destination and our Agency as professional and proactive service organization oriented towards meeting the requirements of the business community.